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Personal Coaching

My greatest joy comes from helping others identify their goals, move past fear or imposter syndrome, and experience that mindset shift that puts them back into the driver’s seat.

As a personal coach, I offer several levels of personal investment:

  • Single Sessions (60 minutes)

  • Packages of Coaching Session (3, 5, 10) to meet the support, planning and action needs of each client.

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Are you ready for more?


Through our 1:1 coaching sessions, we’ll work together to identify what’s holding you back from achieving  your goals. I provide the right tools and resources to expand your view and  help you experience a true  mindset shift. Success only comes when you truly believe that it is possible.


As a coach, I think of myself as a personal cheerleader who keeps you accountable and gently challenges you to take some action.


Even those that are deeply motivated can benefit from an encouraging push in the right direction.


That’s what I’m here for.

That success path you can see?

It’s just a mindshift away.

This is your journey.

Coaching is the game changer.

Let's Work Together


‘Jessica exceeds in getting to know you and helping  you define your talents and skills.’

- Cerina

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