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Heartwork Intensive

4-week program

designed to help you reshape your thought life and how you show up in the world.

hosted by
Jessica Toussaint, MBA
Transformational Leader & Certified Life Coach 

We believe in helping others identify their goals, move past fear or imposter syndrome, and experience that mindset shift that puts them back into the driver’s seat.

Are you ready for more?

Now is the time to get the tools you need to

accelerate, gain clarity and heal.

Program starts in February

This is for you if any of these resonate with you:

  • Looking to maximize 2023

  • In the middle of transition

  • Struggle to find community

  • Need accountability

  • Looking to rediscover and/or define yourself

  • Shift your mindset and perspective

  • Struggle with your confidence, self-esteem and how you see yourself

  • Feel stuck like you are wasting time on a hamster wheel going nowhere

  • Know there is more to you

  • Born to be more than ordinary 

  • Take care of everyone else and have a hard time making yourself a priority

  • Know that the biggest enemy is the enemy within

  • Feel lost and overwhelmed with negativity

  • Feel that you are lacking in purpose

  • In search of a deeper depth and meaning


What's included:

  • Live virtual sessions

  • Weekly recordings

  • Private online community

  • Weekly inspiring emails

  • Weekly Heartwork assignments and growth opportunities

Your Investment 



‘Jessica exceeds in getting to know you and helping  you define your talents and skills.’

- Cerina

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