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5 Helpful Project Management Hints

1. Timelines Timelines matter! It is so important to consider the time it will take for some things to come together, and it also helps to manage your process and progress. We all know the 5 Ps: Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance. Well, for this to take place we need to have timelines.

2. Budgets A mentor of mine (Pastor Louis Mellini) shared with me moons ago you can only have two of these: Good, Fast, and Quality. He is soooo right! To piggyback from our discussion on timelines, if you fail to plan early, it will cost you. Budgeting is incredibly important. If the project and/or event goes way over budget but you accomplished your goal, not meeting your budget could add a damper to things and steal the edge of your victory. My advice to you is to watch your budget.

3. Human Capital You need human capital to accomplish practically everything! So, plan accordingly. Place the right people in the right positions, or else the load will be heavier.

4. Quality Counts! Honestly, don’t cut corners. Quality does count! Do it right and let it be excellent. Your clients, constituents, and customers will thank you. Besides, when you don’t present quality, you run the risk of losing your constituents. Remember: You are only as good as your last event and/or project.


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