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Change starts with the first step. Change begins even when fear is present. You never get different or better results doing the same thing.  Change is uncomfortable but oh so necessary for true growth and development. Change allows you to shed the opinions of others, knowing that the feeling of more is close by. Change causes you to change your clothes, your circle, and your perspective with hopes of truly apprehending it.

Change is disruptive. It is not poised but radical. It apprehends you whether you’re ready or not. Change is consistent because we know it’s inevitable. We determine what change looks like. If we resist it, we waste time. If we embrace it, we evolve.

I’ve had to ask myself: Are my actions aligned with the change and growth that I want to see and live in? I’ve had to be honest and make adjustments when I’ve fallen short. So, I challenge you to look introspectively and ask yourself: Are you positioned for the change you long to see and live in, or will change just take place around you?

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