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One day

One moment could change your circumstance. One touch, one word, one divine moment could change the trajectory of our lives. When we think of it that way, we live a life of preparedness. Sometimes, we think of that one big break, but we don’t realize that a lack of preparedness could lead to disaster.

At times we are waiting for that “plug.”

Sis/Bro – you ARE that plug!

We must get to the point in life that we realize our value. We are valuable. No matter the vehicle we arrived, we were born in time, for time, and on time. God had a plan and knew that we would be here to help execute and be his hands and feet. So as we wait, embrace each and every season and know that in you already are the solutions. They might just need some sharpening and strengthening, but friend, you got this!

When that one day, one moment, one opportunity happens, you will be ready because you believed enough in yourself to put in the work. So, put in the work until your number is called.

You got this!

Your cheerleader,



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