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Succession Planning

Succession planning is so necessary!

Will you be the one to pass the baton, or will you be the one that the next generation/leader has to pry it out of your hands, or worse, will this vision/dream/ project/ business/organization die with you?

A true success story is one with a succession plan.

What good is it to build if it will not outlive you? As leaders, we are called and commissioned to empower others. We can’t take any of our success to the grave. I know from experience that when you have labored over something, prayed for success for years, and made sacrifices to get and maintain it, you don’t want to turn over to just anyone.

But understand that this thing is sooo much bigger than you. Succession planning takes time.

So start today. Look around the room and begin to identify those who have potential. You don’t have to share it yet. Watch how they act, and if their actions line up with where you want to go, then take time to invest in them.

Your dream/vision/business/project must outlive you.

Your cheerleader,



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