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Oooh, value… where are thou? I thought I lost you for a moment. I let fear, shame, and insecurity whisper into my ear and lull me to sleep.

I let the opinions of others, who have no clue of your original intent for me, set walls and glass ceilings. I allowed the thoughts and tongues of others to pen the script of my life. I did that when I began to believe the lies that I’m not good enough, not small enough, not strong enough, not powerful enough, and the list continues.

How I showed up may have shaken them to their cores, but instead, when I looked into the mirror, I saw flaws and imperfections.

So, value: I call you back. Reminding me that I am, without a doubt, valued. Shake yourself off, sis, and remember that you are soooo loved that He died for you.

You are so valued that there is a spar going on: Will you settle? Or will you become the original intent for you?

Today I make a choice and I choose to value my beauty, gifts, time, and ME!

Your cheerleader,



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