STRETCH: A Journey to Strengthen Your Inner Self

STRETCH: A Journey to Strengthen Your Inner Self

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Are you ready to put this truth into action and bless those around you?



It's time to tap into the skills and strategies you need to live with personal confidence and holistic self-perception.


You sense there is more and know you have what it takes, but you feel stuck, tired, overwhelmed, and directionless.


Does this sound familiar?



It's time to STRETCH!

  • Who Are You?

    • What defines me
    • What are my values
    • Who do others say that I am
    • The truth about you
    • What factors influence who I am
    • How our identity lines up with our God-given purpose
    • Who God says we are


    You are not your flaws and failures

    • Moving past my circumstance
    • Learning to navigate through our imperfections
    • Tools to battle insecurity


    Develop Your Superpowers

    • Define Superpowers
    • Identify Superpowers
    • Adjust your crown
    • Adjust mindset
    • Believe in Yourself

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