"You are potent: never let anyone dilute what GOD has placed in you. 

Someone around you needs it!"


Invite Jessica Toussaint to motivate your audience at your upcoming in-person and virtual events.


Check out her TEDx talk below.

As your motivational speaker, Jessica will inspire you and your audience to focus on your God-given potential so you can go out with confidence to help a hurting world.  

She will move you and your audience to experience pivotal moments so you will leave the event different than when you came. Her ultimate goal is that each of us will heal and grow so we can then bless others in our circles of care. Together, we can have an even greater impact in today’s culture.


Spring boarding from her personal life experiences, her courses, live workshops, and online webinars, Jessica addresses those topics we need to bring into the light as we find freedom and healing from past pain. Through her personal stories and trials, she will educate, inspire, and motivate every attendee to find their inner potential.



Jessica is passionate about personal development which is why she developed what she refers to as Heart Work. Her signature speeches explore the delicate nuances of self-esteem, confidence, and personal development as she motivates listeners to look up and look within.

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Learn more about her signature courses that are sure to connect with and engage your audience:  

What would our lives and relationships look like if we truly believed we are enough? As Jess shares her journey and struggle to fully believe in herself, she walks her listeners through the crossroad of doubting our stories and listening to the wrong voices to help us pivot so we start believing that we Absolutely are Enough. But be ready! Because you will walk away with renewed energy, better prepared to fully step into your calling and purpose. 

Jessica has a unique way of uncovering and exploring the struggles we all face but does it with flair and grace. During her Stretch talk, she will be your tour guide as you explore the topics of developing your Superpowers, understanding why you are not your flaws and failures, and you will come away equipped to answer that question:

Do I know who I am?

Get ready to stretch and step into the fullness of YOU!

Recent workshop participants shared that they came away...












With new perspective


"This was so amazing!"

"Thank you so much!

I feel GREAT after listening to Jessica!"

"I believe... I AM ENOUGH!"

"Wow, what a great virtual event. Thank you for the offering. I was so impressed with Jess this evening..."

Bring Jessica for your upcoming event
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"When you discover that hidden power

within you, then you can go out with

confidence to help a hurting world"