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Personalized Transformation Coaching

Finding Clarity
and Purpose

Speaking Services

Unleash your potential with our personalized one-to-one coaching sessions. We focus on tailoring our approach to your unique journey, providing guidance that aligns with your goals and aspirations.

Embark on a transformative journey with our specialized workshops, offering both online self-paced classes and live sessions.

I am dedicated to helping people unlock their full potential, overcome obstacles, and reach new heights. My speaking engagements are not just about words; they are a powerful catalyst for positive change.


I'm Jess,
Your Coach and Cheerleader

We all face those inner battles, don't we? Wrestling with self-doubt, second-guessing ourselves—it's part of being human. I've been right there with you, hesitating to use my voice, confronting fear, and battling low self-esteem. It wasn't easy, but let me tell you, every challenging step was worth the incredible transformation that followed.

Now, I'm not just here to share my journey; I'm here to guide you on yours.

My path involved intentional decisions, breaking free from fear, and aligning my life with my calling and purpose. And guess what? You don't have to navigate this journey alone. That's where I come in.

Let me share my experiences and insights, not just as your coach but as someone who understands the struggle. You've got dreams, goals, and untapped potential waiting to be unleashed. Together, we can turn those challenges into stepping stones toward your best self.

Ready to take the first step? You don't have to do it alone.

Let's start this transformative journey together.



Young Businesswoman


My coaching experience with Jessica Toussaint has given me new insight on ways to better achieve my long term goals through everyday practices.

Woman with Head Scarf


Jessica really gives you the correct action steps that help you move forward and plan the next steps for your goals and career.

Senior Woman


I received a lot of hope. I felt really good after the session and am determined to reach my goals. 

Image by Alesia Kaz
Jessica suit

No more excuses.
No regrets.

Bet on yourself, embrace the journey of becoming, and act on your dreams and goals. The power to transform your life is within you.

Embrace Your Potential

Shed the excuses and step into the fullness of your potential. Stop holding back and start believing in the unique strengths and capabilities that reside within you. Embrace the journey of self-discovery and unlock the power to transform your life.

Live Without Regrets

Leave behind the weight of regrets. Every moment is an opportunity for a new beginning. Make choices aligned with your authentic self, and let go of the past. Living without regrets allows you to focus on creating a fulfilling and purposeful future.

Take Bold Actions

It's time to bet on yourself and take decisive action. Your dreams and goals are not mere aspirations; they are the roadmap to your desired future. Don't just dream – act on them. Bold actions are the key to turning aspirations into tangible achievements.

Unleash Your Dreams

Recognize the untapped potential within you. Your dreams and goals are not distant possibilities; they are ready to be brought to life. Take the initiative to turn your ambitions into reality. The power to transform your life lies in the intentional pursuit of your dreams.



Let's Work Toward Your Dreams

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