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You are potent; never let anyone dilute
what GOD has placed in you. 

Someone around you needs it!

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Meet Jessica

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Jessica Toussaint is a motivational speaker - certified life and success coach - an agent of change - who provides teaching and guidance, helping others discover their hidden power within, as they journey toward wholeness. 

Jessica also works as the Founder and President of Bridge to Promise, Inc., a non-profit organization that aims to equip underserved young people today with the tools and resources necessary for societal and personal success.

Jessica is driven by her faith in God and her desire to motivate and encourage others in a world that sometimes feels unsteady. She is passionate about inspiring women and men on a personal level and sharing what she’s learning on her own journey toward wholeness.

Discover your highest potential. Transform your world.

How she can support you

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Jessica Toussaint will educate, inspire, and motivate your group for greater influence.


She will move you and your audience to experience pivotal moments and help you consistently focus on your God-given potential.


When you discover that hidden power within you, then you can go out with confidence to help a hurting world.


Spring boarding from her personal life experiences, her courses, live workshops,  and online webinars, Jessica will address those topics we need to bring into the light as we find freedom and healing.


Jessica has the experience, skills, and expertise needed to come alongside church leaders and nonprofit teams as she helps them achieve missional growth, visionary success, and community impact. 


This current world needs what you and your church or organization have to offer, so don’t get stuck in status quo mode. 


Jessica will lead your team through S.W.O.T. (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) Analysis, member retention plan, strategic planning, and more, all curtailed to meet your most pressing and current needs.


Jessica is the person you want beside you, because you can trust that she is FOR you! 


One of Jessica's greatest joys is utilizing her training, skills and expertise to coach and inspire others. 


As a mindset coach, Jessica helps individuals and groups experience the shifts necessary for transformation.

She will encouragingly challenge you to do what she calls HeartWork. Personal questions developed specifically for you that compel you to go deeper and be stretched personally. 

What makes Jessica's coaching services unique is that she will follow through until the end to make sure you stay on the right path for your individual success. 



Jessica has created and developed 3 motivational online courses as a way to connect with others on a personal level, and also to cultivate a sense of community, which is so important in today’s current culture.


You can choose from her online webinar You are Enough, her interactive Stretch: Strengthening Your Inner Self, or her most experiential group course Absolutely Enough.  

Each course is unique as Jessica includes online breakout sessions so that participants can share and get to know others who are walking similar paths in life.

Take a step that your future self will thank you for!


“You are worth this investment, because  you are your greatest asset.

It is time to shift our focus and realize our worth. We have allowed others to be our voice for so long, but the time has now come to bet on ourselves.

Invest in yourself  and become the best version of you!”   

- Jessica T. 

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What clients say about working with Jessica...



Coaching Client

My coaching experience with Jessica Toussaint has given me new insight on ways to better achieve my long term goals through everyday practices. The sessions I have received have helped me set better goals and find better ways to attain them by taking more effective and focused actions. Life coaching has been ideal and fulfilling to my personal and professional needs.



Executive Director, The New York Call

I met Jessica in the early part of 2013 while planning and preparing our annual New York Call; she volunteered for the first time that year. The New York Call is a large music and outreach festival with attendance of between ten to seventeen thousand attendees annually. Immediately, her no-nonsense organizational skills, leadership abilities, and task-oriented impeccable work ethic propelled her to the position of General Manager of the whole operation for the past six years. Her wisdom, passion, and leadership add value everywhere she goes. Jessica is a world-changer.



Coaching Client

The coaching sessions with Jessica were pretty awesome. Jessica really gives you the correct action steps that help you move forward and plan the next steps for your goals and career. She exceeds in getting to know you and helping you define your talents and skills.

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Are you ready to tap into the hidden power

of who GOD created you to be?

It's time to accept the truth that

you are absolutely enough!

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