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Who is Jessica Toussaint?

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Jessica Toussaint is a motivational speaker - certified life and success coach - an agent of change - who provides teaching and guidance, helping others discover their hidden power within, as they journey toward wholeness.

Jessica’s desire is to inspire women and men on a personal level and share what she’s learning on her own journey. She is driven by her faith and desire to motivate and encourage others in a world that often feels unsteady.

Jessica is also the Founder and President of Bridge to Promise, Inc., a non-profit organization that aims to equip marginalized young people today with the tools and resources necessary for societal and personal success.

Inspired and encouraged by her parents, who migrated from Haiti with goals of building a bright future in the US, Jessica earned her Bachelors of Science in Special Education and her Masters in Business Administration with a focus in Management in Leadership, both at Dowling College. She then became a certified Life and Success Coach and earned her certification in Organizational and Community Leadership.

Jessica has been featured personally and professionally in Queen Size Magazine, The Westbury Times, and LI Herald Elmont. She has contributed to the community and other organizations such as The New York Call, State of Black Long Island Equity Council of the Urban League of Long Island, and Perfecting Faith Church.

Jessica’s faith in God has always been a driving force in her life and continues to sustain her commitment to serve others.

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Jessica is a proud Daddy’s girl, and is eager to carry out his mission even though his time on Earth has passed.

Charles Cledor Toussaint was a provider by nature, and a great father who cared deeply for his family and loved them dearly. Toward the end of his life, Charles made peace and spread the word of God to everyone he knew, serving as an inspiration to his children.

Today, Charles’s mission and good faith lives on in many ways, including through his daughter Jessica.


Her initiative, called Petite Cledor,

aims to provide two individuals a year with the tools that they need to reach a goal.

"My dad was one of the most helpful and reliable people

I knew. He believed that people just need the right tools

to realize their dream and/or idea.


In his memory, I will choose two people each year to sow into their goals and aspirations."




Equipping youth and young adults, one young person at a time, with the tools, tips, and techniques to soar.

What happens to the young people who are alive but living without purpose, who don’t exactly know their way, and don’t have access to a guide?

When you’re in high school, you have guidance counselors, you have school psychologists, you have a lot of other programs. But once you finish college, it’s like, ‘What is it that I’m supposed to do?’


This is where Bridge to Promise comes in!

We provide comprehensive services that are easily accessible, but also, we ultimately help young adults search within themselves to find their unique purpose.


We provide community resources, point them in the right direction, and then become their cheerleaders, standing on the sidelines telling them that they can do this!

Learn more about Bridge to Promise here.

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Check out Jessica's blog

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