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Finding Freedom

Freedom is such a personal journey. It looks different for each of us.

Our decisions can lead to our freedom or to our very own demise. Comparison, for example, is similar to a glass ceiling that stifles our dreams, goals, and aspirations. It injures our ego and esteem. It causes us to question that dreaded yet common question: am I good enough?

Freedom, though, is a deliberate choice we must make. Despite how inadequate we may feel, we know there is more to this journey we’re on. Though bruised and flawed, we understand that we are not imprisoned by our history. We can eagerly live out our presence and know that the narrative and scope of our destiny has changed because of one choice: freedom.

My choice

I remember a time when I was personally struggling to feel accepted by a certain leader in my life. Initially, we got along just great. I was dubbed ‘one of hers.’ Over time though, the relationship began to strain because of my innate need to speak up when I discerned something was not right or when I was compelled to share information that was relevant to the conversation.

That’s when I was given a choice: become mute and blind or stand up and advocate for others.

I chose the latter. This landed me in the doghouse, and I was dubbed as the rebellious one. For years I tried to get back in the good graces of this leader and her team but failed at every attempt.

Freedom is a deliberate choice; it does not cause us to be lulled to sleep but instead, it speaks to our very being. It whispers to us deep down inside, reminding us that we have the power and the right to act, speak, or think as we are called to do, without hindrance or restraint.

Completely free

One day, I realized that I had to be true to my own convictions. This leader and her team could choose to accept who I was and what I stood for or they could choose not to. But I knew I could no longer blindly follow them. If my voice could not be added to crucial conversations, it would become their loss.

Once I really understood and embraced myself and the choice I needed to make, I was able to walk away from the situation – completely FREE – knowing that no one should cause me to be mute. I was called to be authentically me!

Next steps

Freedom causes each of us to examine our hearts and the people that surround its vulnerability. Freedom compels us to disconnect from circumstances that are not conducive to our personal and spiritual growth.

Yes, freedom is deliberate. It’s intentional. But ohhhh, so worth it.

Pursue it and you will surely apprehend it.

You deserve it!


Examine your heart and identify any areas that need freedom.

Prayerfully commit to finding and taking one step towards that freedom.

Connect with me

If you are struggling to become free or even identify what is holding you back, reach out to me for a free 30-minute coaching consultation. Let’s start the conversation that will help you rediscover your voice.

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