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It's time to Move

Movement takes place with one step, one leap, one decision, and one stride.

The key to movement is one thing: your participation. You have to be an active participant in this journey. Movement cannot take place without your effort and cooperation. I know we would like to think differently some days, but this is the truth.

I've met many single moms who found the courage to keep moving. It is an incredible thing to behold!

When you're on the outside looking in at a single mom, she might appear challenged and weak. However, that single mom often has more movement in her life than someone born with a silver spoon. That single mom often had to endure the ridicule and whispers of a teenage pregnancy, the rejection of a boyfriend or husband, the painful memories of being violated by someone she trusted, while consistently putting the needs of her child above her own.

No matter the cards that we are dealt, we still have the opportunity to move.

Movement looks different on everyone, so you need to embrace your own journey. For someone battling depression, movement might look like having a day without tears and actually getting out of bed. For another, movement might look like a promotion at work after years of personal investment. And for still another, movement might look like researching volunteer opportunities despite the fear of COVID.

Whatever movement looks like to you, let me encourage you to commit to do the work.

The old saying is still true: slow and steady wins the race.

It's time to come off the sidelines and MOVE! You got this. I promise!


Name at least two areas where you need to move.

Now identify one step you can do to move forward in each of those areas.

Okay, great! Now, let's get to work.

Let me know how I can help.


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