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The Thread

There is a thread that keeps our lives from unraveling. The tighter and more secure it is, the better our feet find landing.  As the thread loosens, we find ourselves on shaky ground. In fact, we find ourselves in places and situations we never thought we could be in.

Sometimes we take it for granted because it is not visible to the eye. You only know its worth when you take a step back and begin to see it as if it were a mosaic piece.  Each piece is so delicate and none are the same.

As you gaze upon this portrait, you begin to discern the decisions you have made, the positions you have chosen, and the relationships you’ve engaged in.

This Thread

They all stem from this thread.  What is this thread you ask?

The thread is validation.

Validation recognizes and affirms us that our feelings and opinions are valid or worthwhile.

When the thread is secure, it means that we have finally come into alignment with what God has said about us. It means we are looking internally versus externally for affirmation and value.

When the thread is loose, it is reflected by poor decisions based on the opinions of others who don’t even know who we are or understand our calling.

When it’s loose, it allows the opinions of people to guide our footsteps. This looseness indicates that you don’t believe your voice is enough. It indicates that you have forgotten what your Heavenly Father thinks of you.

Heart Work

I am here to remind you to tighten the thread, because you have already been validated!

What faith steps will you take as you walk out this truth? Comment below and let me know!

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